Bill and Janet at South Hill

Embracing the romantic ambiance of Valentine’s Day this month, we uncover a heartwarming love story nestled in the charming town of Ephrata, Washington. Bill and Janet celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on February 2, 2024, during a month when the world celebrates love.

Discover their journey and how their love can inspire us all.

Small town beginnings

Bill and Janet’s love story began on the streets of Downtown Ephrata, where small-town sweethearts met while cruising the avenue.

“I thought he was cute,” Janet shared. “He had blue eyes, blonde hair, and was tall.”

Janet is tall and was looking for someone taller than her – and she found that in Bill. The lovebirds married on February 2, 1964.

Cherished memories together

The couple shared treasured memories in Moses Lake, Washington early in their marriage, ice skating in the winters and sailing their boat in the summer. They also enjoyed skiing at Mission Ridge outside of Wenatchee, Washington.

Bill and Janet also shared moments of laughter. Janet recalled going to pick Bill up at Fort Lewis from his return from active duty in Vietnam. They didn’t release him right away, and she had to follow the bus to Joint McCord before finally being reunited.

“He thought it was funny,” Janet said, “I did not at the time.”

Bill and Janet raised three children together, including their oldest son Bill (named after his father), daughter Rebekka (with Swedish spelling from Bill’s side), and their youngest son Derek.

Bill Sr. went to college while Janet worked as a hairdresser at a salon at 3rd and Monroe called The Golden Comb.

Today they have several grandchildren, including Rebekka’s daughter Catarina, as well as Derek’s children Basil, Emma, and Andrew.

Love growing over 60 years

Janet describes Bill as disciplined, respectful, and responsible. These qualities have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping their lasting bond.

“I feel that we respect one another, and we try to do things that don’t hurt or upset each other – a mutual respect,” Janet shared.

For younger couples, Janet offers valuable advice: “Try to find someone of similar backgrounds or similar values. That is really important to have an easier ride to move forward together for the future.”

Life today for Bill and Janet

Currently residing at Avamere at South Hill, an assisted living community in Spokane, Washington, Bill and Janet appreciate Avamere’s warmth and camaraderie. Janet expressed her joy, saying, “I am enjoying this phase of life, in a pleasant place with relatively good health, spending time together with my husband.”

Bill and Janet’s love story is a testament to the enduring power of love, respect, and shared values. As they celebrate their remarkable 60 years together, let their journey inspire us to cherish the love in our own lives.