Ethereal in E playing music for Avamere at South Hill residents

Residents with Avamere at South Hill, an assisted living community in Spokane, Washington, enjoyed the sound of the handpan from Adam (aka Ethereal in E).

Adam regularly performs for the residents. His recent performance at the assisted living community on Friday, November 15 brought a smile to the residents’ faces, as his music always does.

“I really like how relaxing it is!” shared Yvonne Lawing, resident with Avamere at South Hill. “I close my eyes and go away with the music. I have bought all his CDs.”

Feeling relaxed to Adam’s music seems to be a theme for listeners.

“I love the music because for me it has a calming effect and relaxes me,” said Denise Rea, another assisted living resident with Avamere at South Hill.

Adam left the residents feeling relaxed and excited for his next visit. Thank you, Adam, for the joy you bring our assisted living residents!